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What is Unified Communications?

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You come into the office. You have 4 voicemails waiting for you, your mobile starts bleeping and there’s several colour coded post-it notes dotted around your desk with details of the calls you’ve missed.


You’re probably stressed enough running a business – so why let your communications hold you back?


Technology has advanced so rapidly that we often have more developed communication functionalities in our pockets and our living rooms than we do in our offices; but why? Surely, in such a mobile, connected world, isn’t having the ability to communicate effectively in our workplace more important than ever to ensure our businesses keep up?


UC&C have a solution; we recognise the amount of stress and wasted time that mounts up from being unable to communicate effectively, which is why we provide Unified Communications, an advanced telephony system that allows you to put all your messages, all your calls, and all of your reminders in one place.


Imagine being able to direct all incoming calls from clients or colleagues to one destination; whether it’s your desk phone, mobile or simply to your voicemail, the choice is yours. We’re putting control of your working day back in your hands.


Unified Communications is about more than just talking, though; introducing the software to your business will not only streamline your communication channels, it will encourage collaboration, speed up problem solving and allow for an increase of productivity by reducing the amount of time your employees spend managing their messages.


The way we work is changing; your employees need flexibility, mobility and connectivity in order to pull off projects and actions in a way that suits the technology they have available to them, and Unified Communications can provide the platform you need to make that happen.


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