Unified Communications for Start Ups

Unified Communications: Smart Working for Start-Ups

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Unified communications for start ups. It is hard for start-up companies to make their mark in today’s fast-moving business world. With so many ways to communicate and so many competitors for business, it can be difficult to establish a distinctive brand and respond quickly to a changing market. New businesses have limited resources and must judge wisely how to reach out to the world and share their product or service. Investing in a unified communications (UC) service allows these small firms to access a comprehensive and flexible communications infrastructure that was until recently available only to large companies, giving them the chance to succeed in a competitive world.



A Flexible Service with Low Running Costs


Unified Communications is a service that allows start-ups to utilise their existing computer and telephony technology and make use of its full potential. With a simple software installation, companies can transform a single computer hard drive into a server with the capacity to store data and run a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) network that provides free internal calls. The software has been designed to be compatible with a range of devices and operating systems, including the full range of desktops, laptops, Smartphones and tablets. This means that start-ups can work with the hardware they already have, and do not have to spend money upgrading their technology in order to do business. Because the service is fully supported and frequently updated, UC customers can be confident that their communications system is always secure and up-to-date.



UC offers a flexible service that is accessible from any device. It provides a range of options that can be added (and removed) as required and which work on a pay-as-you-go basis. This allows firms to retain control over their communications budget while enabling them to adapt and grow along with their business needs. In addition, UC’s flexibility brings savings – no need to spend extra cash on new communications technology; no need to change existing operating systems; and no need to spend additional money on IT support or system upgrades.



Secure Storage, Accessible Anywhere


Companies that opt for UC services can create a secure Wi-Fi network where data is stored instantly in the Cloud. The data can be accessed from the system’s single user platform on any device using a secure login. With the ability to work in any location on any device, UC enables start-ups to be truly flexible employers. There is no need for staff to work in the same office when using UC services, or to be tied to a desktop or laptop computer. Workers can log on to the system via an Internet browser or an App and access the same user-friendly experience. So start-ups can save money on desks and office space, and staff have the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime. The service also means that companies can hire workers with the skills they need no matter where they are located, creating virtual teams that can work together online to share ideas and develop new products.



A Single, Integrated Platform


With virtual team working becoming the norm, many growing business struggle to adapt to new ways of working. Using current internet and telephony systems, staff can spend a lot of time managing their communications, constantly sifting the deluge of emails, voice calls, texts and instant messages to find the relevant ideas and information. With evermore ways of communicating, it has become harder for workers to keep up with the latest developments.



Unified Communications solves this problem. It brings together all communications on a single, user-friendly platform. This means that email, texts, documents, voice mail, instant messaging and video conferencing are brought together in one place and can be used interchangeably. With instant transcription software that records voice and video messages in textual form, everything is saved securely and can be accessed at any time. Virtual team working is now easy, because all of the work on a single project is visible from a shared workflow that all members of the team can access in real time.



Users only need one contact number to connect to their colleagues on any device, whether by email, instant messaging, text and video communications. It is always possible to see who is online and available, and to choose the correct means of communication to suit the situation. For example, a colleague can send an email to their team from their laptop and other team members can choose how and where to access the email without compatibility issues. They can then reply to the message in any form, depending on what is appropriate. A quick query could be answered by text or instant message, while a more in depth discussion could take place using video conferencing or in a voice call.



Fully Searchable Data



Another important aspect of a UC platform is its search function. This allows all data, including reports, meeting minutes, emails, voice mail and more to be searched to find important information at the touch of a button. The feature removes the need to search through separate inboxes to find what is needed and brings disparate media together, avoiding mistakes brought about by miscommunication, saving time and ultimately saving money too.



In addition, all of the data stored in the Cloud is updated in real time, meaning that the latest version of a document is instantly available to the rest of the team via the workflow. This avoids the wasted time and confusion that can result when multiple versions of a document are shared within a group via email, and allows team workers to focus on collaborating on the task in hand.



With the ability to communicate in a variety of ways, Unified Communications enables staff to share ideas through audio, video, images or text, taking advantage of the rich multimedia offered by the Internet. With many millennials now becoming entrepreneurs, this feature allows new businesses to adapt their social communications for the business realm, bringing the opportunity of exciting new ways of working.



Respond Quickly to the Latest Trends


UC services also include the option to integrate internal business communication with social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. This feature enables companies to build their brand through marketing, respond to customer feedback rapidly, or to keep track of trends in their sector. As the importance of online and digital business grows, UC allows start-ups to engage with their competitors and communicate with their customers in real time, giving them the edge when it comes to building a new and thriving company.


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