Secure, reliable and seamless communication regardless of the device or location:

Unified Communications for Educsation

UC&C recognise the importance of reliable and seamless communication. Unified Communication services make this easy, by offering higher education providers the ability to access the latest communication technology while saving money on infrastructure and running costs.

From managing finance and administration, online marketing campaigns, advertising courses through to the contact centres who manage admission enquiries…institutions rely on modern technology to function.


Unified Communication (UC) offers higher education institutions a single unified service that simplifies communication under one user-friendly service.


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Call 0333 014 4488 to find out more about accessing Unified Communications at your institution.

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications (UC) is the technology platform that integrates all digital communications in one user-friendly system. It promises to revolutionise the education sector in the next three years.

With a secure platform that is accessible from any device, network or location, UC will enable seamless collaboration between students, parents and faculty.

Unified communication demo

Unified Communication – Key Points:

For scale and distribution

UC&C’s service is massively scalable and is ideal for large geographically-distributed organisations, such as cross campus schools and colleges.

Reduce costs and drive productivity

Unified Communications reduces costs and improves learning outcomes. It can be used anywhere a secure IP connection exists, and on virtually any device.

Scale up and down as you need to

U&C’s service is a modular solution – you can start with voice, or web collaboration and then add mobility and conferencing as you require.

How can Unified Communications Enhance your Institution?

There is no need for institutions to change or upgrade the technology, because a UC service platform is designed with open software solutions. This means the system can adapt to future technological innovations as they happen and incorporate new technology.

A Tailor-Made Service for Higher Education

Retain existing telephony and computer hardware whilst maximising functionality. UC&C's service can overlay all existing software technology and communication media, removing compatibility issues and bringing everything together in one secure communication platform.

A Virtual Campus With Rich Communication

Provide a wide range of online courses and course materials, by giving students the ability to access lectures, attend tutorials online and access libraries and other information sources.

Manage Admissions Seamlessly

Manage high volumes of enquiries and applications quickly and efficiently and manage enquiries through an efficient and reliable Contact Centre. With a user-friendly interface, the unified communications platform allows administration staff and faculty to work together

Fast and Reliable Connections

With fast and reliable connections, students and staff can share documents and information instantly in real time. The ability to switch the method of communication makes collaboration and group working more flexible and encourages participation.

Better Security, Better Access

OpenScape strikes a unique balance between end-users’ desire to communicate and collaborate from the latest mobile devices with IT departments’ responsibility to ensure that the communications remain secure. Plus you will enjoy free VoIP calls across multiple campuses!

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Students and staff can take advantage of UC’s BYOD capabilities and secure Wi-Fi to enable seamless communication, bring together everything in one user-friendly platform.

Call 0333 014 4488 to find out more about accessing Unified Communications at your institution.

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