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UC Explained: 10 features you need in your workplace

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You may have heard of Unified Communications (UC), and you may even know a little bit about what it is and how it works; but what are the ways it could actually apply to your workplace?

There are a huge amount of features and benefits of implementing Unified Communications software where you work, but here are our top 10:


1. Conference Calls

Holding a call with a group of people is often crucial to help a project move to the next stage, and with UC it is easier than ever before to make sure your conference calls run smoothly. You can schedule calls in, invite the relevant participants and then even choose to automate the system so that it calls all of the attendees at the appropriate time.


2. Being ‘Unavailable’

One of the most challenging parts of working in an office is disruptions preventing you from completing a task; UC software allows you to mark your status as ‘Unavailable’, meaning that whether you’re in a meeting, on a call or just need to get your head down, no one can bother you.


3. Automated Communication

If you do need to get in touch with someone who is shown as Unavailable, UC allows you to automate a phone call with that person when they do become available. So, as soon as your colleague gets back to their desk after a meeting, the telephony system we provide will call you both and connect the lines, which means you can contact who you need, when you need them.


4. Visibility of Your Colleagues

Obviously, not only can you mark yourself as available or not, but so can your colleagues. This would be especially advantageous for those who work in a very large company (and therefore are unable to know everyone’s calendar), or those who may work in separate locations to their team.


5. Reclaiming Time

There are numerous ways that implementing UC can give you time back in your day; you don’t need to spend time collating all of your messages into one place (because it does it for you), and the video/conference calling facilities mean that you often don’t need to wait to get back into the office to solve a problem or have a project meeting, because you can participate from wherever you are.


6. Work on the Move

One of the developments in technology that has had the biggest impact on the way we work is the evolution of mobiles from a brick you carried around in your pocket into a portable version of your work and personal life. UC has a ‘mobile client’ functionality that means wherever you are, whatever your device, you can be connected to your colleagues.


7. Reduce Costs

Because Unified Communications allows meetings to take place via video or conference call, considerable savings can be made in terms of travel and hours spent. You can also make calls to others on the system via WiFi rather than your phone operator, saving money on your minutes, and UC means you can stop paying for all the different project management platforms you’ve been using and start putting everything in one place.


8. Less Admin Time

By collating all of your messages and phone calls on one platform with UC, you can spend less time jotting down phone numbers and calling people who are unavailable, giving you time to focus on more important things.


9. The Power of Video

As previously mentioned, you can not only hold conference calls via UC, but video calls too. This could have more benefits than you think, and having the power of a visual aid whilst you communicate with your colleagues could actually reduce the amount of time you spend explaining something, and allow you to simply show it to them.


10. Never Miss a Thing

We know that UC prevents you from losing information or messages by directing them all to one place and making them easier to find, but the software also includes a Call Recording feature, meaning that when you are available to call someone back, you are able to listen to the call itself and ensure no actions get lost.


Would you like these features to be part of your working life? Unified Communications is the future of running a business, and you can be part of it. To find out how UC could work for you, call us on 0333 014 4488, or email; you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.