OnLine e-learning


Today businesses work in real time. Only those able to keep pace with the rapid changes – technological and otherwise – can survive and be successful. The faster know-how can be transferred the faster results will show.


Given these circumstances, we understand e-learning as the ideal learning and teaching method for conveying knowledge and skills in a time and cost-effective, goal-oriented way. We use the full potential of electronic/digital learning media and benefit from the boundless possibilities of the internet. We consider e-learning to be the trend-setting step from “learning on call”, as it were, to “learning on demand”, or – to put it differently – “from push to pull”. Students can now learn before, during and after work, in everyday situations, at the office or at home. E-learning is extremely flexible, it tries to find answers to concrete questions, provide solutions to actual problems and to convey the required knowledge.


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1.10 What is a mobile client?


What is a mobile client and how do you set it up? Watch the video to find out more:

1.11 What is a mobile UC client?


If you want to use some of the extended features available today, like the one number service, the mobile UC client is for you. Find out why here:

1.14 How to integrate with CRM


Wondering how to integrate your CRM application with the phone system? Watch this video to find out more:

1.15 What is Presence?


Getting hold of people in business today, can be one of the most frustrating challenges. You know the routine, you try to call someone, but they don’t answer. Find out how Presence works here:

1.16 How to use video for internal and external


The technology that we use to run our hosted system is designed so that all the information used in communication, is handled in the same way. Find out how to use video for internal and external communications here:

1.17 What is click to dial?


Click to dial takes some of the effort and time of dialling phone numbers. As part of our hosted service, we can set up anyone’s phone number, as part of your contacts. Watch the video to find out more.

1.18 What does on premise mean?


What does on premise, hosted and hybrid mean? Watch the video to find out more:

1.19 What is unified messaging?


Today people communicate using a variety of different tools. Find out how unified messaging can help and what it is by watching the video:

1.20 Where does IM fit?


Where does ‘instant messaging’, or ‘chat’, sit within a hosted system? Watch the video to find out more:

1.4 What is a call bundle?


Call bundles are the best way to pay for a new hosted voice system, and are very similar to how a mobile phone contract works. Watch the video to find out more:

1.5 What is the difference between Hosted UC and on premise?


When you buy a UC system, it’s a capital expense and needs to be funded somehow. A hosted UC system, like what UC&C provide, is one where the equipment is housed in our secure data centre. Watch the video to find out more.

1.6 How do you use the music on hold function?


Music on hold is a more acceptable way of having someone wait for you to respond to them. Find out how to use this function by watching our video.

1.8 How does audio conferencing work?


In traditional phone systems, audio conferencing meant having additional technology, which was sometimes called a conference bridge. With our hosted system, audio conferencing is easy to use. Find out more here.

1.9 How do you set up video conferencing?


Video conferencing is an extension of our audio conferencing feature. Find out more here:

1.21 What is the one number service?


Long gone are the days where, in a business context, we could simply call our colleague’s switchboard to speak to them. Today we carry mobile phones with us, which have their own numbering system. Find out how the one number service can help you communicate more efficiently across devices by watching the video:

1.22 How to set up a Corporate Directory


Most businesses have a directory where phone numbers and contact details are stored. Watch the video to find out how our hosted system can help:

1.23 What are screen pops?


What are screen pops and how can you use them with your customer database? Watch the video to find out more:

2.5 Who takes care of software updates?


Today’s voice and unified communications, are software based, and will require updates. But who takes care of this? Watch the video to find out more:

2.6 What is Unified Communications?


Good communication throughout your team, makes business run more smoothly. But in today’s digital age, we’re often not all in the same place to communicate in the old-fashioned way. Find out how unified communications can help and what it is by watching the video.

Placing a Call: Different Ways to Dial


There are many different ways in which to initiate a call. Find out more by watching our step-by-step video:

How to: Missed Calls and Voicemail


If you have a missed call, or a voicemail, the icon in the top left hand corner will start to spin. Find out more about this in our step-by-step guide:

How to use the ‘Tell Me When’ feature


If you need to speak to somebody, but you can see that they’re on the phone, you can use the ‘Tell Me When’ feature to find out when they are free. Find out how to use this feature by watching our step-by-step guide here:

How to use Profiles and Rules


If you’re familiar with Outlook rules, rules within your Openscape are similar, but instead of them being for your emails, they’re for your online communications. Find out how to use Profiles and Rules by watching our step-by-step guide here:

How to use Instant Messaging


Instant messaging is a great way to ask somebody a question, that’s perhaps not that time-sensitive. Find out how to use this function by watching our step-by-step guide.

How to use Hot Key Dialling with Desktop Integration


One of the greatest features of the Desktop Integration tool, is the ability to configure hot key dialling. Find out how do this by watching our handy step-by-step guide here:

How to use Different Clients


On Windows there are three different clients to access your UC. Find out how to use the Different Clients by watching our step-by-step guide:

How to Set Up a Planned Conference Call


You can create a planned conference that’s different to an ad-hoc conference from the web interface. Find out how by watching this handy step-by-step guide:

How to Set Contact Status and Presence


For contacts that are also on the system, there are 3 indications of their presence. Watch this step-by-step guide on how to set your Contact Status and Presence.

How to Install Desktop Integration


Find out exactly how you can install the UC&C Desktop Integration feature by watching this step-by-step video.

How to Import Contacts


You can export contacts from your outlook, and import them into your UC&C account. Find out how to do it by watching the step-by-step video:

How to Change View


When you first log into the web client, you’re greeted with a compact view. A lot of people prefer a different view, find out how to change it by watching this step-by-step video:

How to Add Preferred Devices


Do you use both your office phone and mobile phone for your calls? Find out how to add preferred devices by watching this step-by-step video:

How to Add Contacts


The Contacts feature is particularly useful. Find out how to add contacts by watching this step-by-step guide:

Description of the Journal Feature


The Journal tab can be useful to see a list of your inbound and outbound calls. Find out how this feature works by watching this step-by-step guide here: