Download our free pack: “The Ultimate Guide to Migrating from On Premise to Hosted Telephony.”


Whether you currently have an on premise solution, and wish to move to a hosted solution, or you’re considering a hybrid solution, this guide will outline the key considerations, benefits, risks and processes you need to consider.


What’s included : 


  • What are the key differences between ‘on premise’ and ‘hosted telephony’ ?
  • What are the advantages of choosing hosted telephony? 
  • In what ways can you reduce your telephony and IT bills using hosted telephony? 
  • How does hosted telephony work and what technology is involved? 
  • What are the system and broadband requirements? 
  • What is the process for migrating to on premise or a hybrid model of telephony? 
  • What are the key risks: an essential checklist! 




  • We’ve even included the core elements of a business case to help you in the internal contracting process.