Move seamlessly from Unify HiPath DX to OpenScape, with UC&C. Trusted Unify resellers.

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In 2011 – 2012, Siemens Enterprise Communications began phasing out the sales of HiPath DX and HiPath DXR. In April 2013, the company announced that upgrades and hardware will become ‘end of life’ meaning the systems will no longer be supported from 2017.


UC&C  can help the public and private sectors migrate from the end of life DX solutions, to the renowned OpenScape Office, which is an IP Based Unified Communications platform.

Join thousands of private and public sector businesses that have migrated from DX to OpenScape and save your business time and money.

Migrate from Siemens DX to OpenScape

What is OpenScape?

OpenScape is a portfolio of enterprise unified communications (UC) software solutions.

As a pioneer in the UC area, OpenScape still stands for the most complete and mature range of capabilities – spanning voice, mobility, audio conferencing, messaging, video and web collaboration.


OpenScape has been consistently ranked as a “Leader” in the most prestigious and demanding industry analysts evaluations, and has earned countless awards and accolades. Millions of OpenScape enterprise users are in production today, in over 90 countries.

OpenScape Key Points:

For scale and distribution

OpenScape is massively scalable and is ideal for large geographically-distributed organisations

Reduce costs and drive productivity

OpenScape reduces costs and improves team productivity and it can be used anywhere a secure IP connection exists, and on virtually any device

Scale up and down as your grow

OpenScape is a modular solution – you can start with voice, or web collaboration and then add mobility and conferencing as you require.

Call 0333 014 4488 to discuss migrating from the Unify HiPath DX system to OpenScape seamlessly.

UC&C is an accredited Unify reseller

UC&C is a technology company that provides enterprise communications solutions, delivering Hosted Telephony, Unified Communications, Hosted Contact Centre and Data products.


The UC&C platform has been designed and built around the Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) carrier grade Unified Communications Platform. This platform is typically only available to the largest enterprises such as the BBC and HMRC. Our implementation of the platform is designed from the ground up in partnership with Unify to take these enterprise products to the wider market.


Work with UC&C to establish a migration plan for your communications solution. Now is the time to act to ensure you have a plan in place to complete your migration by 2017.

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Call 0333 014 4488 to discuss migrating from the Unify HiPath DX system to OpenScape seamlessly.

Why migrate? To enjoy these powerful features:

For all communication requirements and engagement styles

Instant messaging

Raise quick questions and keep in touch throughout the day with our modern IM feature.


Not only can you keep your existing number, but you get a choice of local numbers

Video conferencing

Set up unlimited internal video conferencing bridges with patients or healthcare professionals

Call recording

Great for call centres, legal calls and training

Handset rental

Reduce expenditure with handset and 'spider phone' rental for a low monthly fee.

High quality support

Call us any time for technical advice and questions.

Unlimited users

Quickly and easily add new users as your business grows!

Hunt / Pickup group

Increase call efficiency by directing incoming calls to a particular number to a pre-determined group of extensions, rather than a certain handset.

CRM integration support

Integrate our software with your favourite CRM solution for even more convenience

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