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Business Mobiles for UK Companies

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UC&C is a technology company that offers a range of business communications solutions, one of which is mobile telephony and data services. We can provide a mobile service that is tailored to your client’s needs, with a managed mobile portfolio that includes the full range of call bundles to suit any business. These bundles provide a single monthly cost per user, making it easy to remain in control of communication costs. Basic call bundles include access to voicemail, hunt or pickup groups, monthly-itemised billing and some free on-net calls, as well as an agreed volume of call minutes per user. A range of advanced telephony features can be included in more comprehensive bundles, including features such as integrated presence technology, music on hold, single number dialling, instant messaging, click-to-dial and many more.


As part of their hosted mobile telephony services, UC&C can provide a range of mobile handsets to suit business clients. We work in partnership with Unify’s OpenScape Mobile Client, a software solution that can be downloaded as a mobile app for tablets and Smartphones. OpenScape Mobile Client is fully compatible with Android and iOS software, meaning that clients can select their business mobiles from a wide range of modern Smartphones, as well as enabling their staff to connect to the company network with their personal mobile device (BYOD).


Hosted mobile call bundles can include guaranteed data bundles for Smartphones accessing the 3G and 4G mobile networks, as well as the ability to connect to the company’s telephone network through VoIP or WLAN hotspots. This means that UC&C can offer their clients improved mobile network coverage by allowing them to choose the best way to connect to their company network at the lowest cost. This has the effect of cutting the costs of national and international roaming.


The ability to connect mobile calls using VoIP technology has many other advantages. One of the most important of these is the ability to make calls to other company VoIP mobile handsets (and desk phones) free of charge. At the same time, the OpenScape Mobile client offers one gesture call transfers, enabling the user to switch their call to an office phone or home phone (and back again) where this may be more convenient and cost effective.


If clients opt to include the OpenScape Web Collaboration Mobile Client as part of their mobile business package, they can access their company’s business directory from any mobile device, see who is available to contact via presence technology, make direct calls to company extensions and even start or join a video or audio conference at the touch of a button. All of these features make it easier to work on the move and still have rich and productive business conversations.


Mobile telephony services from UC&C are flexible, allowing companies to work in new ways using the latest technology. Tablet computers, as well as mobiles, can be configured to work as a soft phone while working on the move. By downloading the OpenScape Mobile Client app for Android or iOS, tablet computers can connect to a company network over the internet using VoIP technology, giving tablet users the ability to access the full range of mobile telephony services previously only available to Smartphone users. This includes the ability to make voice calls, access voice mail and contact colleagues through video conferencing technology. In fact, the larger screen on a tablet can make it easier to interact with colleagues during multi-party video conferencing.


In addition, UC&C business mobile bundles offer clients a range of a time-saving services for mobile telephony, such as one contact number for each business user, integrated voicemail for desk phones and mobiles, direct dial to all company extensions and the ability to choose where calls will be routed depending on the user’ s availability.


All of these services can connect seamlessly with a client’s existing enterprise communications and IT infrastructure. The fact that these services are software-based means that there is little lead-in time before the service is operational. The software is easy to download from the Apple App Store or Google App store, so a client’s IT staff can focus on other business tasks.


Another significant advantage of Unify OpenScape technology is that it comes with the option of inbuilt data security encryption, allowing a client’s staff to access business information on their mobile device without jeopardising the security of sensitive information. Clients can opt for a secure WLAN and Mobile IAM (Identity and Access Manager) through Extreme Networks, which proactively defends mobile devices from threats to your mobile communications environment. This option can also protect a user’s personal mobile devices where the security software has been installed, offering greater security and peace of mind to business clients.


Hosted mobile telephony services from UC&C come with service support from dedicated staff who can help clients access and manage the full range of mobile telephony features available to them. There is no need to invest a great deal of money in new telephony infrastructure, because UC&C can supply any hardware or software required as part of its mobile telephony contract. These contracts are tailor-made to each client, meaning that each client only pays for features they need and use. The service is also completely flexible, meaning that UC&C can rapidly expand the features available or the number of users if the mobile needs of the clients increase rapidly, and in the same way can quickly they can reduce the number of users or features if they are no longer required.


UC&C’s mobile telephony services for business allows clients to have their cake and eat it too. With our services, businesses can save costs on mobile communication while accessing a more advanced and improved service. At the same time, clients can use the latest technology to work more flexibly and more efficiently, giving them the opportunity to gain that important competitive edge over their peers.


To find out more about how your clients can benefit from our mobile telephony services, contact UC&C today.


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