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5 Ways Unified Communications Offer Financial Services Firms a Competitive Edge

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Unified Communications (UC) offers financial services firms a new way to get a competitive edge in a sector that never sleeps. With a single user-friendly platform available on the move in any location, UC technology allows workers to access the latest information and communicate seamlessly with a number of clients or colleagues at once using any device. This enables businesses to take the decisions that matter in the moment, driving efficiency and productivity and giving them the competitive edge to succeed in the modern world.


Manage 100+ calls Instantly Without a Hitch


With a tailor-made UC system financial services companies can manage high intensity trades easily. The single user-friendly trading turret platform handles high call volumes simultaneously and allows traders to close deals by visualising calls, managing high call volumes and ensuring that no important communications are missed. The platform supports the latest turret technology, freeing traders to identify and pick important incoming calls, allowing them to hold and switch between calls instantaneously and call multiple contacts with one touch connection. The system also records and stores calls in real time in the cloud, ensuring that risk and compliance are instant and trade details are saved in an easily accessible format.


Select Your Service Package to Suit Your Needs


The world of financial services is fluid and ever changing, and companies need their communications suppliers to adapt with their needs. UC can do this, with virtual technology that maximises the potential of existing hardware and software, transforming basic direct line phone systems into VoIP telephony that can handle up to 600 lines per user. The system is scaleable to adapt to the needs of the business, so that there is no need to invest in expensive infrastructure in periods of growth, no need to change existing physical hardware and no wastage during periods of reduced market activity. With a UC solution, your company’s communication systems are flexible and efficient.


If customers opt to use the OpenScape Xpert product developed for high-volume instant communication, they will find that the open system is fully customisable to reflect the needs of both the company and the individual user. Companies can configure a single user-friendly platform where workers can access voice calls, instant messaging, voice mails, instant call back, video messaging and email on a single screen. At the same time, individual workers can customise their access to the system, shaping the soft and hard options on their devices to suit their working needs. The platform is flexible; supporting multiple languages, call queue functionality, and enabling automatic and manual ring downs and shoutdowns. Coupled with this is the ability for instant, secure access to the system from any device, including soft capabilities for workers on the move.


Use IP Architecture to Ensure Fast, Reliable Communications


Using pure IP architecture, OpenScape Xpert technology permits lightning quick communication at the touch of a button, giving businesses a competitive edge in a time-critical environment. At the same time, the system is reliable because the platform enables system updates without downtime, and virtualisation technology means that every single component can be doubled up, ensuring that if one component fails, another seamlessly replaces it so communication is preserved and business is not lost. Companies that opt for New Distributed Server Architecture Step2 (NDSA2) can deploy multiple System Managers in one OpenScape Xpert implementation, meaning that the system becomes even more resilient.


The ‘open’ aspect of OpenScape Xpert is particularly important because it means that the platform will be compatible with existing telephony and IP technology, but that it is adaptable to future technology developments, ensuring that costly changes are avoided when companies adapt and change. It also means that switching to a UC platform is quick and easy for both the IT department and frontline users, ensuring that time and money are not lost implementing the new system, or adapting it to the companies needs in the future.


Access Innovative Cloud-based Technology For Trading on the Go


As digital natives come to dominate the financial services sector, the way that global companies do business is changing. In the future, communities of people will make decisions in a global context, sharing information over voice, data and voice; anytime, anywhere. UC technology enables this new business model by bringing all the documentation and information on any trade or project together in one integrated workflow where colleagues and clients can communicate securely in real time.


Companies can create their own secure platform by selecting from a menu of relevant services, such as contact centres, CRM (customer relationship management) services or OMS (order management systems) depending on their size and needs. They can store their data in a secure Cloud-based environment that enables access from any device in any location. Because access to the Cloud is possible in real time, multiple users can communicate or collaborate on one idea, trade or project seamlessly as if they were together in the same room. At the same time this IP-based technology means that all relevant information on the trading process is captured in one platform and architecture so that risk and compliance needs are satisfied.


Save Time and Money


With the ability to add services on a pay-as-you-go basis, UC offers financial services companies the flexible technology they need to compete in global markets. Whether you operate in commodities, finance or energy, UC services offer a single user-friendly platform that is adaptable and ready to go. UC services cut the costs of accessing this technology, taking advantage of modern technological developments that mean it is no longer necessary to spend huge sums investing in expensive infrastructure. Companies can access UC technology while using their existing hardware and software and layering UC services on top to create one integrated system. In addition, UC services are easy to install, support and adapt, meaning that your IT department are freed from system support to work on other projects, and traders are freed to make deal in the most efficient way possible.


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